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Because both rally and dirt trial are the games with the road of the unpavement, some parts are indispensable from the viewpoint of the protection of safety of the crew and the vehicle. We started up brand ARPSPORT for the game in order to offer the necessary parts for the user. We started the project, development, manufacturing, and sales of the product at this time. The rally and the dirt trial are exactly our starting points, and the one that hits our foundation.

About Rally game

We entered various rallies from the rally of Kanagawa prefecture to the other prefectures series (Gumma expert series, centralpart rally series, All-Japan rally championship game etc.) and the excellent player from the beginner to a top level appeared.

About Dirt Trial game

The games were done in various places from Yokohama Sportsland, Atsugi river-side special circuit in Kanagawa to Tama circuit, Summer-land special circuit, Tokyo Yumenoshima special circuit, Tokorozawa circuit in Saitama etc.

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